Beauty ancient and true: the ginkgo next door

Beauty ancient and true: the ginkgo next door

It is autumn. Actually, it’s NOT autumn until the gingko tree’s leaves turn their beautiful yellow color and then, after a cold snap or strong wind, let drop the entirety of their load covering the surrounding area with their gold. These ancients, also known as maidenhair trees, are the only living species in the division Ginkgophyta. They are found in fossils dating back 270-million years! Native to China, they have been found to have medicinal properties, but they so delight the eye. 

My neighbor’s gingko satiates my urge to be in their proximity. If I were to plant one, it would no doubt outlive me as they’re also known for being long lived and resistant to diseases. On this weekend, as I turn toward my sixtieth year, I am feeling a bit like the the golden gingko. I don’t plan to drop my leaves anytime soon, BUT I feel satisfied to have arrived to this vibrant point in my life. Age, as some say, is just a number!

Many of my designs make use of the beautiful fan shaped leaves of the gingko next door. These golden leaves suggest propitiousness and abundance. Check out the autumn leaves design on the fair trade napkins. And, yes! In case you were wondering, this design could actually be printed on any item. 

Always enjoy the time you’re in, and do let me know at what leaf stage YOU are;-)

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