"Float" written in flowers

Free floating

In my part of the world rain has washed away haze and heat, and the weather has begun to feel like autumn. It makes me pause and sniff the air-so to speak.  My mind wanders and in it pictures of random things and events appear. I feel the temporariness of everything and I wonder why I am here. Not just in this room, (which happens often enough, lol!), but in general. The pictures continue to appear as in a carrousel, but they morph into different pictures. Do you have these moments?

You may be wondering about my mental health, but I am not losing my mind. In fact, this has always been the case for me. I am a daydreamer. I can’t explain what provokes a daydreaming episode. I may be looking at my plants and then I’m somewhere else. It’s a little bit like floating. I’ve come to think of this as a coping skill for the overwhelm of everyday’s multi-leveled uncertainties. It happens quite naturally, like a circuit breaker during a power surge. What is interesting is that after such a reverie I can often see more clearly, like a blurry picture that snaps into focus, and I can then deal with the task at hand.

I make many of my designs after a mind roaming. A trusted source has encouraged me to include a portfolio tab on my site—just so everyone can see the other things I get to make, and show you where my mind has been;-)

That is to come, so…to be continued.

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