Free your mind...

Free your mind...

It has been an eventful summer for me thus far. A daughter had a wedding;-) Preparing for the event felt like an all consuming whirlwind-in a wonderful way. Flowers and bouquets-and the idea of them populated my brain!floral bouquet

There is now a good amount of space in my mind to embark on other things. Nature, after all, abhors a vacuum. 

We have been empty-nesters for a few years. Now, the possibility of downsizing looms. The market prognosticators insist that there will not be a better time to sell a house, but we have long thought of returning our dear home back to the state it was in when we purchased it: a duplex. Either scenario (selling or duplexing) entails purging, culling only the bare minimum of my workshop and three bedrooms, and consolidating years of accumulated stuff to one floor. It’s been done before, but it seems an insurmountable task. (Perhaps I’m feeling my age.) Fortunately I have been practicing “letting go”- mostly for emotional release, but also for things that have endeared themselves to me(!). Yes, I am a fan of Mari Kondo the tidiness guru, and after reading her book a few years ago, I “Kondo-ed” my drawers. They remain tidy;-)

This time, I think, will require ruthlessness to give away objects that have lived with me for a while. You may wonder why or how I relate to things so personally. It is perhaps a character flaw (sigh). I do take care of my possessions. My wardrobe does not get updated frequently-unless of course there is a special occasion. I wear and use things until they’re threadbare or unusable. Perhaps this may be because I’ve lived in places where necessity requires you maintain the life of an object for as long as possible because a new one of its kind is not feasible to obtain. To be clear, I am not a hoarder. I just use well what I have.

Our second floor will require many updates and remodeling so that it can be made rentable and provide some income. Many changes will ensue. The house we love now will morph into an apartment building with tenants that hopefully will be to everyone’s liking. Stay tuned to the downsize news.

Perhaps all the activity will occupy my mind in the coming months, but I do plan to continue creating artwork and cards. In fact, this actually helps me stay sane and focused, SO let me know of any pressed flower art needs you may have.

Also, let me know of times you had to relieve yourself of possessions. Tips, strategies, or recommendations are welcome!

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