Gracias a la Vida

Gracias a la Vida

Acción de Gracias. Thanksgiving literally translated from Spanish is more of a verb. In this sense it is not a once-a-year event, but an everyday activity. Today I wake up and give thanks for this rainy day; for the breath in my lungs, the blood that keeps moving, the heart the sometimes feels too deeply, the brain with synapses still firing, and the skin that holds and covers the sinew, muscle, and bone. I give thanks for all the surrounding objects composed of atoms that are mostly particles with NOTHING but space between them. Then I thank the leaves that have again fallen this season and will compost-if we let them; the hummus that is rich and full of nutrients that sustains all plants and especially those that are food that nourish me and you and gather energy from the sun. (Does that mean that we eat a little bit of sun every day, hmmm?) 

There is pain and sorrow and tragedy. We feel it and there’s no way to sidestep it, BUT Joy and Hope help me to bear it and give me strength to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly; to listen and do the best I can in any situation. 

Of course this is not a one person show. Together we can achieve anything because EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! I have made a short list of some of my favorite artisans and vendors. These are working to maintain integrity in the products they offer and sometimes paying it forward to those needing a helping hand. ALSO! Buy local whenever possible; it’s always best. (Look for this list in an upcoming email.) As for my products, consider combining t-shirts and baby onesies or toddler T’s for a mama baby gift set. A reusable tote and tea towel make a good cozy home combo set. Remember that everything is customizable, and I am happy to design for you. 

Flowers, as you well know, bring joy. In the darkening days of winter bring a hint of fresh and free-a glimpse of what is to return. Wear your flowers;-)!

Give thanks actively. The more you care for someone/something, the more Love and appreciation grow. Enjoy this.  

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