Here Today...

Here Today...

I have been reading/listening to a couple of books by Robin Wall Kimmerer: Braiding Sweetgrass and Gathering Moss. The first book came up in conversation and was recommended to me on more than one occasion. (One must listen when the Universe repeats itself!)  Professor Wall Kimmerer’s writing is beautiful as she describes the indigenous way of honoring Nature and the Earth.

Gathering Moss had me at its title. I LOVE moss. This time I am listening to the author herself narrate in a lovely soothing voice. I am astounded by the sophisticated lives of moss, including their gender-switching capabilities employed for survival, and long periods (years!) of dormancy revived by water. 

Prior to my moss love epiphany, I was taught that moss was a sign of decay, and the best things were shiny and new. (At that point I had not yet seen a forest. Yes, I am a late bloomer.) 

When I work with flowers I do preserve them, but I design with the caveat that everything will one day decay and from it new life will grow. I accept impermanence as part of my wabi-sabi outlook on life. I try to convey the bounteous beauty of the tiniest parts of Nature. 

At times, I despair at the state of our world. Wallowing helplessly in angst, or parsing the news does NOT help me to get out of the funk. On these occasions I meditate on a rose petal. Walking amongst trees is the best balm. I especially enjoy the mossy ones! 

Let me know your thoughts. 

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