Why Late Bloomer?

Why Late Bloomer?

I am late to the game. (Honestly I have always been late to everything, LOL! But that’s another story.) When I embarked on this business I did not take into consideration the marketing side of it all. As an artist I was consumed with the idea of creating beauty and/or meaning. Instead of whining I’ve decided to “just do it!” The learning curve for me is slow and steep, BUT I believe in FLOWER POWER.

Nature is constantly in renewal, so in essence it is appropriate that I not wallow in, or rest on my laurels and make this endeavor dynamic. After all, beauty is not static. I create beautiful designs every day, and can easily print on any of the listed products. Instagram is where I usually show the latest of these off.

Customization and special designs are always an option.

Carpe diem!

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