Now that March is over, I feel I am safe. For the past few years, this month has brought me pain or difficult news: an incapacitating back injury one year, a beloved pet dying the next year, my father dying last year, and.., oh yes, a pandemic shutdown. Needless to say I have not even mentioned wars and the reckoning of racial inequity. The poet T.S. Eliot wrote “April is the cruelest month”, but for me it has been March. Actually, this makes sense; the tumult that comes with the shift of a season is no minor feat. In our hemisphere, the world awakens to Spring. I imagine this is like having a baby--again. What an upheaval for Mother Earth! AND, it’s not just what happens around me, but the feeling of transformation within.

I’m wondering if anyone else feels these shifts in their bones. This must be inherent in every organic presence/entity. After all, we are all of the same origin. Right?


On a different topic, Blooming Blog will be on hiatus for the most exciting of reasons. Firstly, I will be having an exhibit in June at Expressions Gallery. This is an outreach of Wayside Christian Mission/Hotel Louisville and a percentage of anything sold goes to their work. There will be an opening and a closing reception: Friday June 3, 5-8pm; Sunday June 19, 2-4pm. My work will be up until June 26. Please check out the website for gallery hours.

The other very exciting reason is that I will be learning about and curating an exhibit of Latinx artists in our community in collaboration with La Casita Center. This generous opportunity is made possible by Louisville Visual Arts and “Curate Purchase Inspire” (CPI) program.


Although I am not a social media hound, I will be posting on how all is proceeding from my Instagram (@petalos_by_ada).

Don’t be a stranger! I love hearing your thoughts on everything. 

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