Ode and Prose

Ode and Prose

Brood X seen not 

so often. Phenomenon

Metamorphosis complete with

Horror movie background sound- 

ever-present din

X (eks) marks the spot 

(Sign on the dotted line?)

Crunching underfoot in certain dense places 

Have your pets enjoyed the flavor?

For the human race, it is a Re-union 

Exchanges can now BE

greetings with hugs and kisses. We are Family.

Have WE changed?

Throw caution to the wind for the Transformation

Survival of the species it is after all.

See you in/at seventeen. 

Who is running this show?

April was poetry month, but it’s never too late to write a poem. The cicada presence reminds me that it is never too late to become who you are meant to be. Follow your Dharma and aspire to be your best self. Pay attention(!), and pay attention to that which you are attending. Understand that this will determine your “show”. Here’s mine!

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