Season of...

Season of...


The season of love is upon us: from red paper hearts to chocolate bonbons. Is it necessary to write about love? Is Valentine’s Day significant—this commercialized holiday sponsored by the Romance Industrial Complex? 

LOVE! The most powerful force in the Universe, has been usurped and manipulated and made into a shell of itself. 

I DO believe in love, and I must confess I do engage in my share of moon swooning, but I wince at and resent how Love has been portrayed. It has been layered with masks and artifice, and sadly we do not always recognize it when it is before us. 

I often see Love in the intricate details of a petal—lovingly existing. Paying attention to these details keeps me grounded but also allows me to imagine possibilities. These are the reasons I design with natural elements. Flowers bring solace and comfort. For this, in these uncertain and turbulent times, I am most grateful.

Let me know what you’d like me to design for you.

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