The cluttered month

The cluttered month

February has a cluster bomb of holidays. The Year of the Ox began on the new moon 2/12; Valentine’s day of course on the 14th; President’s day observed on the15th; Fat Tuesday (or not so fat this year) before Ash Wednesday tomorrow(!). Whew! It could be a marketer’s dream—or nightmare. All of this during the month dedicated to Black history. I often wonder about the rationale, or if this is done on purpose.

This past year’s civic unrest in protest against inequity and diminishment of Black lives should have jarred awake all citizens to the need for change in the day to day. Business cannot be as usual anymore.

How do we un-clutter this month and begin to see what is true for each of us? Only from a clear path can we proceed.

As a Latinx artist, my struggle has been to be seen. This happened partly because I meandered and arrived late to the party, so to speak, but also because what I created was often overlooked. The work on this site is some of what I offer—from my soul to yours.

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