Vote to free your mind

Vote to free your mind

I voted today. I take this seriously. My ancestors didn’t have the option. A few days ago Indigenous People’s Day (one day!) was commemorated. The early Europeans colonized already inhabited land. There was no voting on their claim to ownership. My friend Eréndira Jimenez   (@_erendirajimenez_) articulated the cognitive dissonance I was experiencing and resolved it for me:

“Indigenous Peoples Day is everyday. Indigenous sovereignty is everyday. Land back is everyday. Freedom and flourishing is everyday.” 

Nature, who holds all of us equally, is the only force that can balance the scales. Appreciation of the colors and life force of a leaf in all its stages, gives us a hint at what gives life on earth its meaning. 

Our attention to Nature in its most intricate detail is perhaps like using your vote as a tactical component of social change. A freed mind can truly appreciate the ephemeral beauty of a flower petal in its fullness. Voting may not immediately solve the problems that face us, but it will give us some space and time to organize and untangle our relationships in the process of decolonization.

In the meantime, ensure the utmost attention to what our ancestors cared for. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.” Exalt the Earth and it’s people. All the products I offer are fair-trade and sustainably sourced, and my pressed flower designs are original. 

I would love to hear what you think about my ramblings and about what I make;-).

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