Welcome! The Power of Flowers

Welcome! The Power of Flowers

Flowers have long been used as medicine and to convey feelings and emotions. The positive psychological effects of flowers are well documented. ( Read about it here https://bit.ly/3gz8TMh). In our current socially distancing reality many of us are experiencing stress and distress.

I turn to flowers for solace.

I think of them as part of my mental health treatment program! I have grown up picking and pressing flowers always admiring the incredible beauty contained within each. Imagine this gorgeousness spent on something so temporary. To me this confirms the potential we all possess for limitless possibilities. It is consoling that this beauty that the soul longs for is provided in such outrageous bounty!

The products you see on the pages of this site are of pressed flower designs printed on sustainably sourced tees, totes, tea towels and onesies. I also offer unique greeting cards for any occasion. All the flowers are from gardens I have known, tenacious weeds, or gifts.  I would love for you to experience unexpected moments of beauty in your life and to share the beauty of these designs with others.

I am happy to customize and create a design for any occasion, or for your unique personality.

Check out what I make, and let me know what message you want to put out in the world!


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