Well hello there!

Well hello there!

We haven’t been in touch for a bit, but I hope you are thriving! 

I wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to, AND to deliver a brief news flash. 

It was an eventful summer for me: an exhibit of my art, a nephew’s wedding, and a trip to Europe and upstate New York! You may have seen the oh-so-many pictures of waterfalls and landscapes on my social media page. I just couldn’t get enough of the beautiful scenery! 

I have rebooted my website and am making some changes. If you go there and can’t find what you’re looking for, please let me know and we could do a work-around. I am NOT tech savvy, and despair when confronted with broken links!

Currently, I am VERY excited to be curating a show of local Latinx artists: “Somos de aquí y Afloramos/We are here and we Flourish!” This is in partnership with La Casita Center a non-profit resource and assistance agency, and made possible by a Curate Purchase Inspire grant—a new program of Louisville Visual Arts which sponsors the work on permanent loan.

The Exhibit opens with a reception on November 5th at La Casita. If you’re in town please stop in. 

There will be amazing art to experience, and it will be a fiesta for your senses! 

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